Carbon and Graphite Vane and Seal Solutions for Aerospace

We provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of applications within the aerospace sector and our innovative products are found in fixed/rotary wing aircraft and missiles across the globe.

Our products are designed to offer exceptional performance in equipment found in and around engines and airframes on commercial and military aircraft as well as ground-based turbine engines, including:

  • Carbon seal components for use as bearing damper rings in hydraulic systems, valve and actuator assemblies
  • Carbon and graphite vanes capable of dry or lubricated operation at high speeds and altitudes
  • Sliding axial and radial bearings machined to a high degree of precision and supplied in various grades of carbon

Offering exceptional corrosion resistance and outstanding mechanical strength, our diverse selection of seals and bearings are also commonly used within rotating and reciprocating equipment such as bleed valves, fuel pumps and hydraulic pumps. Our extensive experience within the aerospace sector ensures we design and manufacture products to the highest tolerances possible, with our seals and bearings offering the following properties:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Low dynamic friction coefficient
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Extreme hardness and wear resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Chemically inert

For more information on how we can provide seal components for your aerospace application, contact us today.