Our Alumina Shafts and Bearings: Enhancing Global Sustainability

Our pump components can be found in many different applications, many of which are helping to save our planet.  See the examples below, showing how they are doing this.


Circulator pumps are responsible for up to 15 per cent of the electricity consumption in private households, and in the EU alone, 140 million circulator pumps used for the heating of homes account for a consumption of over 50 TWh a year and the emission of 23 million tons of CO2 a year. MTC ceramic pump components are being used in A-rated pumps providing an annual energy saving of 536 million kWh or 0.536 TWh. This will lead to a reduction in electricity consumption of 23 TWh a year in 2020.

Hydrothermal and enhanced geothermal systems

Capturing the heat that is stored in the earth and use it to heat our buildings is a growing trend. In the global search for low carbon energy alternatives, the need for a robust downhole pumping system is critical. Morgan Advanced Materials solutions enable efficiency and longevity at elevated temperatures associated with downhole pump components. Ceramic shafts and bearings do not experience material creep common with metals which leads to significant deterioration of efficiency. Replacement and servicing of pumps is a prohibitive as the pump is mission critical. Additionally our Luminex™ Magnesia provides cables with the electrical insulation for high temperature operation.


Demand for clean, sustainable, CO2 free energy has never been greater and Morgan Advanced Materials is well placed to help original equipment makers to develop this growth market. The Division supplies the key enabling technologies for wind power generation – for both turbines and the generators within. Long life and reliability are essential for all the key components in a wind turbine. Many are installed in harsh and corrosive marine and high altitude environments where access is difficult and repeated maintenance is not an easy option.


Morgan Advanced Materials Technical Ceramics business is working with leading companies who are developing photovoltaic (PV-Cell) power. Utilising materials science and applications engineering their contribution takes the form of optimised products for both the PV-cell manufacturing process and the finished panels

Water purification

There are 1.1 billion people, or 18 per cent of the world's population, who lack access to safe drinking water. Only 1% per cent of the total water resources on earth is available for human use. Morgan Advanced Materials' Material Scientists develop innovative ceramic for helping providers filter microbes and contaminates from drinking water and can contribute to substantial health gains in populations around the globe.


Removing salts to produce a supply of water requires high performing materials. Morgan Advanced Materials provides high purity Alumina to precision ground tolerances to deliver maintenance free and reliable operation. Ceramic material is significantly harder than steel preventing corrosion from the very aggressive salt water. The precision finish enables low friction operation which is essential for optimising energy recovery systems.

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles produce 25 to 35% less in CO2 emissions than regular cars.  Advances in battery technology are leading to ever more demanding thermal management systems. Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures ceramic pump components which are a critical feature for the cooling systems. The exceptional properties ceramic offers provide electric and hybrid vehicles with the pump technology necessary to circulate aggressive coolant through the Lithium-Ion batteries.