Alumina Ceramic Seals and Discs

We have extensive knowledge and skills in manufacturing and supplying volume precision valve plates and counterface seals. These components are used in a wide range of fluid and pneumatic control valve and seal assemblies.

Alumina seals and discs

Morgan Seal Faces

Why use ceramic seals and discs?

  • Better mechanical wear capability than traditional seal materials
  • High corrosion resistance to a wide variety of atmospheres and fluids
  • Surface finishes of higher than 0.08 microns Ra are achievable
  • Flatness requirements of 2 helium light bands or higher can be met

Ceramic Advantages Include:

  • Superior wear resistance
  • No corrosion
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Exceptional flatness <=0.6μm ( 2 helium lightbands)
  • Surface finish typically controlled to <0.4μm Ra
  • High dimensional and thermal stability
  • Zero Toxicity, Water Research Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and RoHS approved

Applications Include:

  • Ceramic counterfaces
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Friction discs
  • Single-lever-mixer (SLM), 1/4 turn and 1/2 turn tap plates
  • Shower flow valves
  • Truck/cabin levelling air valves
  • Automotive water pumps
  • General domestic and industrial pumps
  • Medical control units
  • Blood separation 

Ceramic Counterfaces

Our water pump ceramic seal faces have technical advantages over more traditional materials (steel, carbon and PTFE), particularly in terms of mechanical wear (ceramic is 5 to 10 times harder than other alternatives) and resistance to corrosion by coolants or system additives. Ceramic is also very stiff ensuring that the flatness is maintained even when subjected to the stresses of assembly.

Ceramic Counterface Applications
Applications range from automotive water pumps to domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. We also produce ceramic counterfaces for industrial pump requirements.

Specialist Counterface Applications
Our counterface capability has led to their use in industries outside of the usual spectrum of these components. One such example is the use of a clinically-trialled Alumina counterface in a specialist medical pump application.

Ceramic Pneumatic Slide Valves

The principle of ceramic disc seals is also applicable to gaseous media. Valves, such as 5/2 directional control valves (manufactured to ISO 5599), are extremely reliable and are preferentially employed in a variety of applications, for instance within automotive assembly lines and also the Oil and Gas Industries. The main advantages of such valves are:

  • Very high number of actuation without functional impairment (approx. 5x107)
  • No abrasion due to dust-laden airflow
  • No time-dependent increase in leakage compared to rubber seals
  • Totally maintenance free for the service life of the seal

Friction Discs for the Textile Industry

We have been producing high quality textile products for over 30 years. Our friction discs are used by leading textile machine manufacturers and are recognised for their high quality and wear resistance, in addition to their competitive price. They are available in a range of sizes and surface finishes, providing texturising and conditioning to suit a wide range of synthetic yarns.

If this technology offers features that solve your application challenge, or you require design guidance from our application engineers, contact us today.